What is the success rate of University of Cincinnati's Medical Science Major into medical school acc

I wanted to ask if anyone has done the University of Cincinnati Medical Science major? And how good is this program? What is the success rate from this program into medical acceptance? How well they prepare you for MCAT?
My son got into UC honors program and Medical Science major as well as OSU honors program but in Arts & Science school. So he might choose Biology major there if he decides to go OSU. We are in Columbus. OH. But we are inclined towards UC because their med sci major is housed in medical school and taught by medical faculty. So it is pulling us there. But this major is very new in 2015 and not much data available. If anyone is doing this program please share your experience. My son wants to put money down for housing but if we don’t go there we loose almost $500. So just wanted to hear other’s experiences.

Probably heavily dependent on the student’s GPA and MCAT score: