what is the "top ten" list?

<p>Hey, I have been working on the common app and I was wondering what the "top ten" list was. Can this be anything? Or is it like my list of top ten favorite schools?</p>

<p>i actually just finished the supp minus that question. i'm still thinking about it. i feel like it should be a list of some significance, not just your top ten schools. i'm just going to be sure to make it obvious what the list is, know what i mean? i kind of feel like the whole supp is a sort of psychological test haha... but who knows. sorry i can't help </p>

<p>if you come up with any bright ideas, let me know. i'm at a loss to be honest.</p>

<p>i toured wake earlier this summer, and the admissions counselor said that it's a top ten list of whatever you want.</p>

<p>So does the top ten list have to be one category, like if you wanted to do your top 10 bands or something (I'm not doing that, by the way), or can it just be 10 random things, like drinking chocolate milk, playing putt-putt, etc (I'm not doing those either)??</p>

<p>if it is a top ten of whatever, be creative, but not so creative that they don't get it.</p>

<p>wait so ... can the answers be from different categories.. can like number 1 be Scooby Doo and number 2 be The Beatles?? or does it have to be like from the same category.</p>

<p>the same question as #6</p>

<p>My top ten list was "Leigh's Top Ten Pros and Cons of being Short" if that helps anyone...</p>