What is the unit limit for transfer to UCLA?

<p>I talked to a UCLA rep and she said you can have as many units as you would like, as long as they are all from a cc. I have a unique situation and i will prob go over the 80 uc transferable unit mark. Will my chances for UCLA be affected by this?</p>

I'm not sure what you're asking...is it okay? Yes. I have well over 100 units because of AP credit, and UCLA is okay with that. As long as your units are AP/CCC then you're okay. Also, if you happened to attend an OOS/4-year University before you attended CCC, as long as you didn't pass that unit cap with those other units, you should be fine and can still take as many number of units in CCC.</p>

<p>ok but all of my units are from cc and none of them are AP. For example, say i have 80 uc transferable units and 100 overall. 1) Does UCLA have a unit cap regarding the amount of units that are taken at cc? 2) Does having this many units hurt my chances in any way?</p>

Like I said in my previous post, it does not. You could go in with a billion CCC units and UCLA could care less. Don't worry. (:</p>

<p>ok thanks yunie</p>

<p>Just to clarify: If you attended, say, USC and earned 87 or more semester units, you'd be ineligible for UCLA regardless of what you did at CC. If you only earned 86 units at USC, you could then complete an unlimited number of units at a CCC and still be eligible for admission.</p>