What is the value of major University of Tulsa scholarships? (i.e. Vision)

Could you share the name and value of the scholarship you/your child has received? (other than the Presidential)

Just trying to see if my child should continue pursuing Tulsa (first choice) or focus on others that are more affordable.

34 ACT 3.95 weighted,11 AP/Dual Credit Classes. Good EC’s

Thank you

I believe the Vision Scholarship is for $30,000/year. TU is very generous and our son is very happy there, both socially and academically!

While I believe the vision scholarship has a range associated with it, the number above is entirely possible given your child’s score. My son is a Junior at TU and has had a wonderful experience. His stats were virtually identical to those of your son or daughter and he got 30K following consideration for the presidential scholarship. (Although he did not receive it.) I believe it is important to keep in touch with the admissions department and demonstrate interest.

724NDubuque, I have a freshman D at TU who is receiving a $30k/year Vision Scholarship. Her stats were similar to your son (33 ACT, 4.45 weighted GPA, 8 APs), although I have no idea to what degree the stats are a factor. We found TU to be very generous with academic scholarships, which is why she is there now. She loves TU, although it has been challenging academically (she’s in engineering + Honors program).

My son had very similar stats and received the $30,000 initially and eventually was awarded the presidential scholarship. Follow up to see if she can get the presidential interview. My son absolutely loves it and he has met very hard working intelligent students. Good luck. We would have sent home with the vision scholarship since that was a good final cost.