What is their Honors College like?

<p>What is their Honors College like?</p>

<p>BHG, I am from NJ. We looked at the school prior to the redoing of the dorms. I don't know about honors here. My S is interested in business, and this I believe is one of their strengths, if you had to pick one, so we visited. The first stop was the on campus over 21 social hall/ bar. That turned me off. This should not be the first feature to be shown about a college. There are geese droppings everywhere. I could live w that if everything else were good. The dorm room that they showed was the worst dorm I have ever seen! It looked like a cellar (cinderblock and pipes on the ceiling). It was so small that the beds had to be bunked. One would have to have some belongings in their car, or come in w nothing b/c there was no room to turn around. I learned not to judge a book by its cover, and if there were small classes w excellent professors and personal attention a little sacrafice would be fine. This, however, was ridiculous. There seemed to be social activities on campus. One needs a car here. We really did not like the school so my S did not apply. They seem to be very generous w merit aid if one is an average to above average student. My H really felt that the lack of a decent place to hang ones hat would really have an impact on studying and succeeding. I did not argue the point b/c I felt that if they ask students to live in a room like that, their priorities are not in the right place. I know some dorms are being redone, but it was overdue by at least 20 years, so I don't care. Sorry that I cannot help w the honors program, but I would think it would be on their website or you could call to inquire about it.</p>

<p>i got into there and got a $55,000 but im not going because of the reasons Northeastmom because they are sooo true. Look somewhere else, cuz if i got 55,000 and im still not going, that says something</p>