What is there to do around UCF?

<p>I'm going to be in Orlando way before the start time to check into my dorm for Orientation and I was wondering what is there outside of UCF, I mean like just outside, since I am not familiar with the Orlando area and don't want to get lost. Starbucks, malls, libraries? Any place I can kill a couple of hours? Or are there places on campus that would be open for right now?</p>

<p>On Campus, you could go to the Library if you want for a few hours… In addition, there’s quite a few places to eat including: Brooklyn Pizza, Burger King, a few Subways, etc… Near Pegasus Landing across the street, you have a Subway, Starbucks and Moes Southwestern Grill. If you go straight on Alafaya Trail going south (not toward Seminole County, but the other way, lol), there’s a Mall a little past the SR 50 Intersection called Waterford Lakes. They have a Best Buy, Super Target, Old Navy and others. I usually go there like once a week and it eats up sometime. Hope that helps some.</p>

<p>there are a lot of places to eat. theres a starbucks right outside of campus too. </p>

<p>check out the bookstore across the street. there is also a shopping plaza a few miles down at Waterford Lakes. target, best buy, and some other restaurants are there along with a movie theater. </p>

<p>other than that, it’s just mostly frozen yogurt places</p>

<p>there are a whole bunch of restaurants around the main campus, so food galore. :]
there’s a Jerimiah’s in the plaza right off campus which has the BEST gelatis. :smiley:
once you make friends, even a few, there’s no limit to the possiblities.</p>

<p>Waterford Lakes Town Center.</p>

<p>Look it up.</p>