What is there to do at Dickinson?

I was accepted yesterday and I will likely attend, but I am a little concered about the activities on campus/around the town. I am not interested in Greek life but I might join if there aren’t many opportunities to meet people. Dickinson students, what do you do for fun?

College is a huge monetary and emotional investment!
If you can, absolutely go to accepted student day next month. If you can’t, definitely schedule a day to to spend there, take classes and talk to other student. You will know if it’s the right place for you after spending a day there.

Agree about accepted student days. My kid did not participate in the Greek system, but always seemed really busy. She was involved with one of the political groups on campus, swing dance club, and was a tutor in the writing center. She was on a couple of committies related to the college, had an internship one semester with a local organization. And had a lot of friends as well. Then did a thesis senior year, and that kept her really busy.