What is traditional college life?

<p>I think I know the answer, but wasnt sure of it.
so what is the traditional college life that i dont get to experience by attedning NYU?
Is it just simply the massive school spirit in every sports scenes, frat type of things?</p>

<p>MAP can answer better, but people associate traditional college life as a sprawling campus with a green quad, everyone throwing frisbees on the lawn, big sports with tailgate parties, rah rah shish koombah, frat parties where everyone is trashed, keg parties, lots of togetherness.
NYU offers a different experience. There is school spirit in pockets and there is WSP that sits in the middle of the "campus" but there is so much more than the "traditional college."</p>

<p>Pretty much what milkandsugar said. We have a fake football team, we're D3, our Mock Trial team gets national recognition. We're 10% Greek. That means that we have TONS of diversity, we're very gay friendly, no dressing up in purple and white to go to a huge stadium. We don't have a sprawling campus to hang out on- we meet in Think Coffee and Starbucks. We have dorms that used to be hotels and nightclubs with famous streets attached to them. </p>

<p>Sure, things like athletics and Greek Life and getting trashed every weekend are at NYU, just at a much smaller scale. Basically, if you can see yourself thriving in an urban environment, you can see yourself at NYU.</p>

<p>Don't think of a traditional college, think of the city. If you don't love the city, you might not be so happy at NYU.</p>