What is trimester?

<p>What is this system? Is it 3 semesters? How does this work? How many weeks in a semester? I want to know because I'm not really a fan of the Quarter system and if this is anything like it then :(</p>

<p>A trimester is a short Semester. Michigan's academic year starts in early September and ends in late April. A trimester is about 2 weeks shorter than a regular semester. The summer is divided into two short 7 week terms. But it is nothing like the Quarter system. To graduate in 4 years, you have to take 3 quarters each year. In the trimester system, you take just two trimest a year to graduate in 4 years.</p>

<p>The trimester system is really nice, you end up having a break about every six weeks, and you get out in April. Not early March, but April</p>