What is UCI's average UC GPA?

<p>I've seen sites where it says that the average UCI gpa is around 3.8-3.9 but is that just the weighted gpa, the UC gpa, or the regular school gpa?
I would just like to know what the UC gpa is for Irvine! Thank You!</p>

<p>For the freshman class of Fall 2011, it was a 3.97. The previous year it was a 3.99. The UC GPA may be calculated with a different formula than your fully weighted high school GPA, depending on which high school you go to. Some classes that get more weight in you HS may not be given extra points when calculating the UC GPA. That's why there are people with a fully weighted HS GPA of 4.2 for example but only have a 3.9 UC GPA. I believe there is an UC website where you can see which classes from your HS get extra points.</p>

<p>Oh thanks you! I found out from my councilor that my UC gpa was a 4.02 (I go to a public school in California) So would that be an acceptable GPA for UCI?</p>

<p>I'm a freshman, and I heart the UC GPA for our incoming class was a 4.01. You should be fine with a 4.02 as long as you have decent SAT/ACT scores. I got into UCI with a 3.85, and a 27 ACT, which is well below average and goes to show that there are a lot of factors into whether or not you'll be accepted. Good luck!</p>

<p>Psh I got in with a 3.6 weighted. The 3.99 you hear is average applicant gpa...aka lots of people who use uci as a safety school. Lots of my friends got in with 3.3</p>

<p>I got a 4.3 still doesnt seem enough</p>

<p>^^Just curious, Did you guys get in recently like on Feb.1 or are you guys talking about last year??
Yea last year the average applicant who was admitted and enrolled had a W GPA of 3.87 and an SAT I of 1750 so if you are at or above that you have a great chance of acceptance</p>

<p>I was talking about last year.</p>