What is Uni of Kansas like?

<p>everything you know about it! academics? sciences? social scene? the people? etc</p>

<p>That questions is broad and unfortunately very subjective. My daughter just started her freshman year there and loves it. You may want to check out some of the visit reports. That is a good start.</p>

<p>BobbyCT-Glad to see that your daughter loves it! We visited KU this summer and my son liked it a lot. I would like to know more about the housing. Does your daughter stay on campus? There are quite a few dorms to choose from for freshman, I assume. Any insight will be appreciated!</p>

<p>My daughter is a sophomore at KU, and has been having a very good experience there. She lives in one of the scholarship halls, which are a really neat housing option for the right person. They are a real community and they are substantially less expensive than the traditional dorms. They also have great locations to the main campus. </p>

<p>serenader135: Yes, my daughter lives on campus in Ellsworth. She loved the dorm options at both Lewis and Ellsworth but ended up deciding on a 2 bedroom suite in Ellsworth. The 1 bedroom suite in Lewis might be the most spacious. The dorm options on campus for freshmen fall primarily into Daisy Hill, closer to Allen Fieldhouse, and the Corbin/GSP complex on the opposite side of campus near the football field. Corbin is an all girls dorm. There is also Oliver Hall, which closer to Daisy Hill. There are some freshmen that have also chosen some of the private options like Naismith Hall. The largest dorm on campus is slated for demolition in the spring and there are a few new ones going up in it’s place. Housing is not really an issue at KU, plenty of choices. I would recommend you consider signing a non-binding housing contract if KU is a serious consideration. The sooner you sign, the higher you are placed on the preference list when it is time to select dorms. Scholarship halls are pretty nice and the most convenient to campus. It requires a separate application but it is a great option for the right fit. Feel free to PM me if you have any additional questions. Good luck!</p>

<p>Thanks Midwest and BobbyCT for the feedback!
I think we toured the Ellsworth but I can’t exactly remember now. Is that the one with a dining hall? The 2 bedroom suite has two separate bedrooms or it is two person in one room sharing a bath? Does Ellsworth also have the community bath option such as the double room w/o bath? </p>

<p>You probably saw Lewis since that houses the dining hall that the dorms on Daisy Hill share. They usually show Lewis on tours. Both the 2 person and 4 person suites in Lewis share a single bathroom and I am not sure if they have community bathrooms there. I know Ellsworth has community bathrooms but they only have 1 bathroom per suite. Tough with the female students. </p>