What is Wesleyan looking for in you?

<p>I learned about Wesleyan and instantly loved all about it. I know what I was looking for and I know why I would want to apply in here. But what is Wesleyan looking for in an applicant? What is it that the AdCom would like to see in someone who is interested in getting in? What aspects are important for the AdCom to make a decision?</p>


<p>what is AdCom? and I think you can get all that info at the admissions page at wesleyan university's website.....</p>

<p>adcom=admissions committee</p>

<p>I would say that of all the areas that Wesleyan admissions is looking at, the "rigor" of your curriculum is one of the keys. While it is very helpful to have the usual good GPA and test scores, if you have consistently taken the most demanding courses available at your high school and did well in them, that counts quite a bit. If you want more detailed information online, there are several videos done by Wesleyan's long-time Dean of Admissions, Nancy Meislahn that you can search for in various places on the internet.</p>

<p>As a current Wesleyan freshman, I can honestly say that Wesleyan admissions is not like that of other schools. First off, you don't have to stress how smart you are. Everyone here is smart, graduated very high up in their class, and probably had a 4.0 GPA. That's why it's one of the best liberal arts colleges in the country. So if you're applying here, it's basically already assumed that you're very intelligent--you don't need to tell the adcom about it.
What you want to highlight in your application are extracurriculars. It could be hobbies, talents, projects, trips, clubs, performances, whatever. These are what makes you stand out. I haven't met one person here that is <em>just</em> smart. Everyone has at least one thing that kind of defines them and makes them stand out. Find out what your thing is, and let the admissions committee know about it. Don't be shy.</p>

<p>Like most top schools:</p>

<p>Varied and rigorous curriculum, though that's given
Varied and interesting ECs
Strong personal statement and recommendations
High scores (that's actually important, I'm sorry to say)
Have a "passion". This is very important. It's a part of being human ;) And being a good contributor to the college community.</p>

<p>Be interesting. C'est tout. Harvard can fill a class with academic superstars... but it doesn't, and there's a reason for that.</p>