What is your college student doing this summer?

<p>I would agree with 1moremom. I work at an engineering company and I wouldn't want the responsibility of having brought in one of my friends' kids. Now, they could apply and possibly use me as a reference, but I wouldn't push for them - just comment on what I know of their skillsets if asked.</p>

<p>I would recommend using the college placement services. I know DS1's school has many intern "fairs" where the kids go around meeting reps and dropping of resumes.</p>

<p>I wasn't suggesting this in lieu of the college placement services, but in addition to them. In my S's case he simply asked his friend's father (my S had been an occasional visitor to their home and vice versa and they were involved in a class project that this dad was impressed with) if there were "internship opportunities" at his company during one of his visits. The father, who likes my son, turned it over to HR but I'm sure his involvement was a key. I was not aware that he had done some asking around amongst his friends and friend's parents, and feel that any kids who do so are only enhancing their chances.</p>

<p>Edit: My S will be entering his Sophomore year in the Fall, so placement services wasn't necessarily available to him yet.</p>

<p>It is interesting to hear what other students are doing. My son did look into and apply to some REUs and is waiting to hear. We also know two engineers who offered to forward his resume in addition to the on-line aps he completed. But they were in large firms and I think other students either had better connections or qualifications.</p>

<p>I think in addition to being qualified, at times it does come down to who you know and how lucky you are. In a way, I am glad he is having this experience because he will know what to expect when he applies for jobs after graduation. </p>

<p>Like I said, worst case, he goes back to the job he had last summer and I realize that many kids don't even have that.</p>

<p>Good luck to them all.</p>

<p>Not sure yet. I advised her she could take the summer off since she was working so much during the school. She had a really hard time finding a job last year because they don't want to hire college students that go away. They flat out told her this when she asked if they were hiring. She did find a part-time job but they cut her hours when they found other employees that were going to stick around.</p>

<p>^^^ Lots of that around here too. "where do you go to school?" "are you returning there in the fall/" ='d no interest in hiring!</p>

<p>tired, I am certain there is a huge difference between applying for an internship as a sophomore vs as a junior. As a top engineering student, I'll bet your son finds far more opportunities next year. My son (comp sci/econ) finally got an internship at the last moment after his sophomore year last summer, but it took some doing. This year, he has already turned down a well paying offer in anticipation of getting a better one. They had a job fair yesterday, and already he is scheduled for 4 interviews today. When I looked online about that job fair, out of 191 companies coming to recruit, almost every single one required internship applicants to be juniors or above. Only a few were taking sophomores, so take heart!</p>

<p>And great suggestions about if you know anyone in the industry who might need an intern, or knows someone who is looking. Many people would rather hire a kid that is a known entity than a random person.</p>

<p>S2 is doing either language study abroad or (yahoo!) the place he worked last summer is interested in him again. I think making $$ this summer would enable him to make more of his study abroad experience, but I know he wants a change of pace. I'm excited he won't be growing roots on the couch!</p>

<p>S got lucky and will be interning at the same place as last year but as a senior intern instead of a junior intern. More money, different job and different responsibilities. Introduces him to managing other paid interns and managing group projects. Being a senior intern also increases the internship from a 6 week program to an 8 week program. He reports three weeks after he walks for his UG and about two week after the internship, he starts grad school.</p>