What is your college student doing this summer?

<p>My son is going crazy trying to find an internship or research position for the summer. He is a sophomore engineering student with an excellent GPA (3.94), a few campus activities and previous work history. He has attended the career and engineering fairs, applied on line and talked to a few professors. He has had a few interviews, but no luck. He is getting frustrated but is continuing to apply. Even though it is only February, it feels like the opportunities are disappearing. </p>

<p>Worst case is he returns to the summer job he had last year. We've also suggested that he could stay on campus and take a few classes, but he would really like to gain some experience in his field. </p>

<p>How are your kids making out? And if they got lucky, what was the magic?</p>

<p>My engineer son didn't do an engineering internship until after his junior year, which I think is not unusual. The summer after his sophomore year he did register with a temp agency (one that mostly did labor) and lucked into a cs job with a start up that got funded and is doing very well. It was a boring job but looked good on the resume.</p>

<p>Same here. My engineering son is a junior and listings for interships have just started coming up. He has just started submitting his resume to some companies and has one interview set up already. Last summer he had a regular job surveying .</p>

<p>Studying abroad. And based on what I have heard about job availability I am glad she chose this summer semester to do that. Takes the pressure off.</p>

<p>How about working as a volunteer on a farm in Sweden ? Check out WOOFing and spend a summer abroad .</p>

<p>He might look at REUs. It's a bit late (many have January application deadlines) but there are usually some with February and March deadlines.</p>

<p>Another possibility is research with his professors (though he may already be working this).</p>

<p>My son is a sophmore business major, average student, but a real hustler. He just landed a Summer PAID Marketing Internship at a mid-size hospital. I have to give him credit, he sent his cover letter and resume to a wide variety of potentials (tech, industrial, commercial, and retail corporate), he thought out of the box. He got four interveiws, two for unpaid and two for paid internships. He was one of twenty six applicants at one, they gave final interviews to three, and he received offers for both of the paid internships. He decided on the paid internship at The Hospital beacuse it offered a very broad experience which would be working alongside the Marketing Director and her staff planning three large summer fundraisers to raise money for their Trauma Center (golf tourney, Triathalon, and Summer Gala). This is his first experience working in an office from 8-5 it will be inetresting to see how he likes it ?? He seems very proud to have sought out and secured the position. He said the whole job and interview process was very similar to his recruiting experiences for college sports. Go figure ??</p>

<p>This will be the first summer in three years D1 will not be working for a small biotech company since she'll be attending graduate school beginning, most likely, in early August and will be traveling in the UK for a couple weeks in July with her younger sister. She does plan to substitute teach for 5-6 weeks in May and June following her graduation. D2 is fortunate to have found her niche working as a tour guide and cashier at a historic site. She worked part-time there last year and will be back, beginning in April, with weekend work that will expand to 30-32 hrs/wk in the summer. She won't earn as much as her sister did but I think she likes her work more (not that D1 didn't enjoy her job also). </p>

<p>I'm delighted my kids have been able to find seasonal/summer employment and I know they've been fortunate considering the stagnant economy and relative lack of employment opportunities in our semi-rural community. I also feel fortnate that both D's took their own initiative to find work; many of their friends either have not been able to land a job.</p>

<p>Happykid is a sophomore theater tech/design major. She had a paid theater design internship last summer with her college's summer dinner theater program, so not just the internship money but hourly pay plus tips for the shifts when she waited or bussed tables. She is on-call at two local venues (one since summer 2010, the other since spring 2011) and has more work offers than she can fit around her class schedule. Already she has turned down a second summer of internship in favor of working professional gigs in June and July, and then travelling with friends in August. She'll pay for the whole trip herself out of her savings from her work in the past year.</p>

<p>I wish DD would get a paid internship. However, it looks as though she will be doing research in her school's math department and applying for a university sponsored grant. She may also try to take a class or two over the summer. We are on the hook for the off campus apartment, so it is not really a bad thing for her to stay there.</p>

<p>For the first time since '05 I will not have a college student this summer. S1 did REUs (or equivalent) for three summers; these are particularly good if your S might be interested in grad school. S2 worked locally one summer (sort of relevant to his major), did a study abroad one summer (which will allow him to complete a master's) and had a nice internship last summer (thanks to the CCers who helped him find a place to live!). </p>

<p>What is your son's area of interest? Maybe someone will have some more specific ideas.</p>

<p>Hoping S can find something related to his middle school education major/math and social studies his "major" subjects likely - - any suggestions besides the obvious like camps, tutoring, etc.???? </p>

<p>He will want to be home for the summer - he has a pretty serious GF - I'm not going to push him to anything away from home - they have been good enough about "prioritizing" and getting an education at different schools away from each other during the school year - and I'm very happy for that!</p>

<p>Breakthrough</a> Atlanta</p>

<p>Breakthrough Atlanta--is a program that D1 did the summer after her junior year. She wanted to do the Breakthrough San Juan Capistrano program but wasn't chosen. They sent her application to Atlanta.</p>

<p>[She decided after doing the program that maybe teaching wasn't for her...]</p>

<p>D2 is applying to internships--we'll see how that all works out. She's never had a job at home...she gets home late and leaves for school early most years.</p>

<p>D is a fashion design student in NYC and stays there year-round. She'll be working her cafe job, and hand beading, and making embellishments for her senior collection in hopes of being ahead of the game when school starts back up in August. Lots of pressure. This collection is seen by a large group of 'industry' names in a large fashion show. She's doing couture red carpet gowns (think Alexander McQueen, not Dior).</p>

<p>Daughter will be applying to retail stores soon. We have a huge, new mall opening in our town late spring.</p>

<p>Taking two classes, one at the local cc, one at her college, and working full time at the city pool.</p>

<p>D1 will return to the major medical center for a 3rd summer, varying positions, nepotism plays a huge part. ;)</p>

<p>tired already, Does your S have any friends whose parents are Engineers that could help him get an internship at their respective companies? He would have to act quickly, but that's how my S got his internship this summer. If it is too late to line something up this summer, maybe he can start the process for next summer (the ideal summer anyway since he'll be a junior), by networking with his friends and their parents now to get the ball rolling.</p>

<p>I think it's OK to ask friends' parents for information about opportunities that might be available at their companies, but I think it's inappropriate to ask for "help" getting an internship. I realize it happens all the time, but this is not the way I would encourage my kids to look for a job.</p>