what is your favorite off white paint for the wall and ceiling?

Getting ready to paint the house. I used to like Benjamin Moore Navajo white. This time around, it looked a bit too yellow. I swear they changed the formula.

Cottonball White

I like Benjamin Moore Alabaster - it used to be 876. It looks good with everything except the color Andersen doors and windows are painted. (It still looks good, but you realize how much gray is in the Andersen white.)

White dove (Benjamin Moore) is a lovely very slightly creamy white. I use it everywhere.

Cotton ball is pretty. I think it is tad too warm for my space. If I am looking for something slightly darker than alabaster in the same direction, would dove wing work?

My house is mainly painted in Dunn Edwards Swiss coffee which we picked when we built our house in 97. I strongly dislike Navajo white which I find very yellow. My H used to use Najavo White in all the rentals he managed. To me even freshly painted it looks dirty. I can’t remember what my D ended up with this past spring but I was surprised how hard it is to find a shade of white we liked.

I have a cool color palette with a lot of blues and used Benjamin Moore Frostine AF-5. I don’t think I could have picked that myself. The decorator chose it and it’s fantastic. And on the walls it doesn’t look anything like it looks on my computer screen. Lighting makes all the difference.

When choosing a color on my own, I always buy a few poster boards and paint each one a different shade. Then I tape them around the room and move them from wall to wall in different light. It’s amazing how much it can change.

In BM, I like Alabaster, Cloud White, and White Dove. That said, I had my Benjamin Moore store match Behr’s Powdered Snow for trim in BM Advance paint, and I really like it. It might be too yellow for you, though. I prefer warmer tones.

When I painted apartments in my 20s, I used Navajo White a lot. Either I changed or the colors (in various brands) changed. I don’t like it very much anymore.

I think they changed the color of Navajo white. I like those colors, too. They are colorless but not dark enough for the room. I need to go darker.

@GRITS80 Isn’t that the truth!

I really like Vermont Cream from Behr. We have it on all the trim and interior doors.

Cottage White from Behr is nice, too. I’ve used it on bathroom trim.

I just did White Dove on ceilings, after reading it so often on decorator blogs and it looks great, I think we will be moving on to paint some walls that color, as the latte walls are just too dark.

@mom60 That’s what I liked about Navajo white. Now it looks yellow not dirty

Google Laurlbern best white paint. She goes into a great detail about the nuances of some of these shades of Benjamin Moore paints

I found this article which shows some very nice whites. https://www.elledecor.com/design-decorate/color/advice/a3448/the-right-white-a-70889/

@whidbeyite2002 - that’s a great article.

I like BM Simply White.

My ceilings and trim are all Behr Swiss Coffee, although I also like Benjamin Moore White Dove. My walls are all various shades of Benjamin Moore colors (I like lots of color). The Swiss Coffee ceilings and trim are great with all of our wall colors.

For a bright, but not cold, white, I like BM Super White. Stupid name, good color…

My cabinets, trim, baseboards, etc. are all painted Behr Swiss Coffee. It’s a warm white.

And…I was shopping for kitchen counter tops today and remarked to the salesperson how amazing it is that there are so many shades of white!