What is your favorite SAT prep with a guarantee?

What is your favorite guaranteed sat prep?

Nothing is guaranteed.


Basic law of statistics- the lower the original score, the greater the likelihood of improvement (i.e. it is easier to go from a 550 to a 600 than from a 750 to an 800). At the top-- 780 or so- you might only be able to get one question wrong!

So what guarantees are you looking for?

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Agree that no test prep can guarantee results in a meaningful way. IMO the more important things are to: 1) find a program/setting that will work best for your child and is in budget and 2) have the student consistently dedicate time/energy towards test prep. Even with test prep, some students may max out at certain scores - and that is fine.

In terms of test prep there are many options available in many different formats (ex. online class, in person group class, private tutor, Khan Academy, self-study). Again, consider what will work best for the student.

S25 did the Princeton Review 1400 this summer. He just took the test Saturday so no idea if it worked or not :slight_smile:

He had to have a 1250 (I think) on the first practice test in order to qualify for the money back guarantee and he had to do ALL of the homework and never miss a class. The homework was a lot. He wanted to take the class but I’m pretty sure he was just clicking C by the end of the homework assignments. :crazy_face:

My coworker paid $15K for a college counselor, $5K for SAT prep (guaranteed 1500?? Y2 academy https://www.y2academy.com/), $2K for an essay writer and now pays $80K per year but his kid goes to a T10 school as a premed. YMMV

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