What is your favorite spot on Tulane campus?

<p>We all know Tulane has a beautiful campus. Now that my son has decided to attend Tulane the next four years, I'm wondering what particular spot on campus is your favorite place to read, relax, or dwell on whatever?</p>

<p>My older son just graduated from Rice in Houston. During those four years while he was there, the favorite place my wife and I would like to go is their 2.7 mile tree-lined red-clay jogging track circling the Rice campus. Everytime we visited, we would make sure that we bring walking shoe and comfortable clothing so we can go people watching and get an exercise in the mean time.</p>

<p>Is there a map of campus I can find online? That may help to pinpoint the favorite spot of yours. Thanks,</p>

<p>60 views and no replies?</p>

<p>Come on, it can't be just all about foods....</p>

<p>Well, if you like to walk, while it isn't technically part of campus, there is the jogging/walking path circling Audubon Park. You might find it to be a similar experience to your path at Rice.</p>

<p>I second the above post. The loop around Audubon is gorgeous.</p>

<p>It doesn't fit your criteria of a place to read, relax, etc. but I have always liked the lobby of Tilton Memorial. Not Howard-Tilton, which is the main library, but the building next to Gibson and Norman Mayer. Beautiful woodwork on the stairs, nice columns, and great stained glass windows at the first landing up the stairs.</p>

<p>But in general the campus is so nice, like you say, that there are many spots that are rather similar to sit on the grass and read or chill (figuratively, usually). Especially on the Gibson side of campus. I also always thought students would take advantage of the porch swings at Cudd, but I don't know how often they actually do.</p>

<p>Yeah, I looked up the map and it's called Audubon Park Trail. Is it inside the zoo or outside? I hope it is outside. Will definitely check it out and perhaps stroll to the river too? </p>

<p>Fallenchemist, will check out the spot too.</p>

<p>Thanks, anyone else?</p>

<p>Outside the zoo</p>

<p>I always like to sit by the side of the LBC that faces the grassy quad. I also like the lovely park that's near Broadway - behind Necomb Hall. At the very edge is the Rogers Memorial Chapel with its Tiffany window (it only took me 7 years of visiting two kids to discover it).</p>

<p>Kindred spirit!! Also had one at Rice and now one at Tulane!!
HEre is a link to the campuse map Tulane</a> University - Uptown Campus Map</p>

<p>I loved walking thorugh the Sallyport at Rice, and love walking through the Gibson Quad at Tulane (though without Granny Cart lady it isn't quite the same). The view of Gibson Hall from St Charles is also quite striking.</p>

<p>I wanted to get to the Newcomb Art Gallery to see the Newcomb pottery and Tiffany windows, but haven't made it yet. Missed the Kimono exhibit, which I really wanted to see. We did get to the Zoo and the park, as well as the crawfish festival on the lawn by LBC. The inside of Cudd hall is charming too.</p>

<p>I'm a New Orleans resident, and Tulane is indeed a beautiful campus. Sister works at the library, and husband is an alum.</p>

<p>I always like to tell visitors to our city, especially those considering Tulane, of a place called the Butterfly.</p>

<p>It is in the rear of Audubon Park, next to the Zoo. One can sit out and look at the Mighty Mississippi River while peacefully sitting on a bench. No need to go to the Quarter and pay outrageous parking. I believe kids play soccer in the playground nearby, but otherwise, it's always been empty and peaceful when I stop by. A wonderful way to see our most treasured part of New Orleans, the Mississippi River. </p>

<p>Always have to recommend a nice relaxing streetcar ride, the whole length, so you can enjoy the beautiful homes on St. Charles, and also see the front of Tulane and Loyola and the old Dominican College, now Loyola Law School, campuses.</p>

<p>OP - It's hard to answer your question directly because Uptown is a natural extension of the Tulane campus. When I think "Tulane" I think PJs, Palmer Avenue, Audubon Park, and Magazine Street. YMMV of course (and probably will).</p>

<p>my favorite spot on campus is the courtyard behind paterson. It has a secluded and remote nature to it.</p>