What is your opinion of the on-campus apts at CSUN??

<p>I'm still deciding whether or not I should live on-campus at CSUN. The apartments w/ kitchen is pretty pricy...the first payment is due on July 23rd and I don't return to northridge till august 22nd. which means CSUN will get my $669 for nothing because I won't be leaving there till a month later. Plus, i would need to pay $175 for the security deposit...thats so expensive for a shared room!
If any of you have experienced living in the apartments at CSUN, what are your opinions of the apartments? Do you like living there? Is the social life good? Is it worth the money!??</p>

<p>I dont know what to do...I know off-campus is much cheaper...but I've moved three times in my first year of college because the places I lived at were either too quiet, required to sign a contract, and many places its either living with a family or a middle age lady. Its hard to find places to live with only CSUN students....</p>