What is your opinion on a few of these colleges in the north-east (not ivy's)

<p>I am planning on applying to:</p>

<p>Boston University, Boston College, Northeastern, NYU, Tufts, UConn, and UVermont. </p>

<p>I have good/bad things about each school, but want to know peoples opinions on this website. </p>

<p>I know I have the academics profile to get in to each school, and financial issues are non-issue. </p>

<p>I'd be going to fill out their Pre-Med Requisites, and applying to their CAS schools, excluding BostonU, which I'd go to Sargent instead.</p>

<p>boston university - smart kids, for some reason i envision young journalist-y types here</p>

<p>boston college - idk too much</p>

<p>northeastern - boston university, but with less prestige. still a very good school.</p>

<p>nyu - money, intellect, art. a very good school. the average student there i would guess is the very smart, very cool kid.</p>

<p>tufts - idk too much</p>

<p>uconn - state school but a very good one. smart, average kids.</p>

<p>u vermont - ehh.</p>

<p>thanks for the input</p>

<p>BU - not very prestigious but pretty average
BC - good school with smart kids
Northeastern - where ppl who couldnt go to northwestern go
NYU - wealthy smart kids, partying, nyc
Tufts - dentist program
UConn - idk
UVermont - ??</p>

<p>^just cause it's called northeastern...doesnt mean people there want to go to northwestern~lol. more like BU and BC.</p>

<p>Those are all good universities. Boston College and Tufts are the best academically, although the other schools are also very good. In terms of campus life/environment, I also really like Vermont.</p>

<p>I would pick Tufts. From what I've heard, it has a really good science program, and I know that they have a great medical school as well. Boston College and NYU are pretty equal, but NYU does not have good financial aid. Idk about BC's financial aid.</p>

<p>Tufts is the best academically. Tufts is a school that is probably underrated as a result of being in the same area as Harvard and MIT, which overshadow it in people's minds.</p>

<p>IMHO, NYU is overpriced and probably over rated as a result of being in NYC. It does have some outstanding programs, especially in the performing arts, business, philosophy (the latter maybe on the grad level).</p>

<p>Northeastern: known for its great coop programs, if they are applicable to you.</p>

<p>BU: better in some areas (creative writing) than others, definitely benefits from being in Boston but not terribly hard to get in to in comparison to other choices there. Other students living in Back Bay used to call move-in day at BU "Cadillac Sunday."</p>

<p>BC: by reputation, probably second after Tufts. You have to like, or at least tolerate, the whole Catholic school thing.</p>

<p>UCONN: decent state flagship. Blah location.</p>

<p>UVM: reputedly somewhat LAC-like state flagship. Reputation as somewhat of a destination for well-to-do NE kids. Reportedly cool town, nice quality of life, especially if you like to ski. Lots of skiiers. Kids seem to like it a lot.</p>

<p>Lol busy123, that made my night.</p>