What is your opinion on the AP Exams I will be taking?

<p>Hi, I'm a junior with straight As (except for math but I can easily raise that up... long story short I didn't expect the class to be so hard and I had several miserable weeks of debate/forensics and mock trial that took up much of my time). </p>

<p>I would like to take AP Chem, AP English 11 (I think it's literature...), and APUSH.
I will definitely take APUSH since I'm in the AP class but my school only offers H chem and H English 11. Should I take the AP Chem and AP English despite not having a curriculum solely focused on that exam?</p>

<p>And next year, I would like to take AP Calc(is there AP Stats... cuz I would take that intead), AP Physics perhaps, AP English Language, and/or AP Gov and Econ (if there is one...) Just two or three.</p>

<p>If you do, and you have personally taken these exams, what do you think I should do to best prepare for the exams?</p>

<p>I want to get a 5 on these exams. It's doable for me since there are others relatively within the same range of intelligence as me who have gotten 4s and 5s on tests. But last year I took AP Bio and AP Euro and got 3 because I didn't adequtely prepare for the exam... this year however I have already bought the AP Exam books and have started to review already, steering myself to adequately prepare myself for the exams this time.</p>

<p>I took APUSH, AP Chem, and AP Lang during my junior year. It depends on the teacher, of course, but Lang was an intense workload.</p>

<p>AP Chem is a difficult AP; if your class is not an AP curriculum it will be difficult to learn the material necessary to score well, but it is (presumably) possible based on other "self-studiers" here. However, it's not recommended. My teacher was very thorough, so I did not prep by myself very much - I scored a 4.</p>

<p>AP Literature (which I'm currently taking) is fairly easy if you are good at writing and analyzing passages. Practice a few MC, prepare for the "free-response" 3rd essay, and you're practically set for the exam. (Normally, Lang is taken before Lit. This may be different at your school.)</p>

<p>I'm currently taking AP Calc BC, AP Stats, AP Physics C, AP US Gov, and AP Lit. It's certainly manageable. If I had the option, I would also have taken AP Econ. </p>

<p>Calc: watch khanacademy videos if your teacher/book does not make sense.
Stats is fairly easy and straightforward; I only find myself searching for how to use my Ti-89 since my class is based on the Ti-84. In a nutshell, Stats is practically calculator skills & vocabulary.
Physics: difficult. (This may depend on your teacher.)
US Gov (and APUSH): fairly easy; mostly memorization</p>

<p>I hear from my teacher that AP books from REA are really good and thorough and I checked an APUSH book myself and it was VERY thorough. However, when I checked Barnes and Noble, the REA for Chem was given a horrible rating because there were unanswered questions, mismatched questions and answers, charts that were off, and so forth. But APUSH had really good reviews (almost all of the people who commented said they and there friends got a 5 from using the book). So I got APUSH book down. </p>

<p>What book do u recommend for someone who needs to learn the materials well and thoroughly without taking the AP course?</p>

<p>For APUSH, REA is great. I used it since my teacher was too slow and did not prep us for the exam well.</p>

<p><a href="http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/ap-tests-preparation/201793-consolidated-book-suggestions-ap.html%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/ap-tests-preparation/201793-consolidated-book-suggestions-ap.html&lt;/a>
^Look here for other book suggestions. Take the suggestions with a grain of salt, and also look at the book reviews on Amazon, B&N, etc.</p>

<p>For AP Chem, do not get Barron's. My friends used 5 Steps to a Five and liked it, but it probably isn't enough since you're not going to cover the AP curriculum.</p>

<p>For AP English, you could probably take it without a prep book. Maybe you can borrow a book from a friend or the library to practice the MC. Since I didn't use a prep book, I have no suggestions.</p>