What is Your Percentile Compared to Your HS?

<p>Mine says I'm at 94% at 1770. LOL</p>

<p>Apparently I'm 74%, 88%, 76% (CR, M, WR) with a 2400 o_O. Did you find a total percentile, or are you just averaging? Last year's graduating class at my school was pretty good at the SAT, it seems.</p>

<p>98% CR
72% M
91% W</p>

<p>This is with a score of 1790, ha.</p>

<p>I just averaged. 91% Math at 580, 96% Writing at 590, and 94% CR at 600. </p>

<p>I can't believe that you got such bad percentiles with such a high score.</p>

<p>90% CR with 710, 80% Math with 720, 99% Writing with 800. </p>

<p>My school is rather math-oriented...</p>

<p>How do you find out?</p>

<p>Look at your detailed score report and under each subscore there should be something that says "compare score" or something like that. If you click that, it gives you your percentile in relation to the nation, your state, and your high school.</p>

<p>That's weird, my report only lists national and state percentiles. Do high schools have to submit data to CB for school percentiles to show?</p>

<p>I'm thinking that my public high school is "dumb."</p>

<p>710 CR= 94%
710 M= 95%
720 W= 99%</p>

<p>^ Smarter than mine.</p>

<p>750 cr 76%
800 m 88%
800 w 90%</p>

<p>edit: Average GPA: 3.30</p>

<p>Well, for the PSAT I was in the 92nd percentile with a 188. For STATE and NATIONAL (about)... I don't know about High School</p>

<p>I scored 2140. The principle told me I scored the highest SAT score she has ever seen. My GPA is 4.00 UW.</p>

<p>My school is pretty underachieving as you can see.</p>

<p>Cr: 95
m: 98
wr: 98</p>

<p>1870-50th percentile</p>

<p>670: 94th State, 92nd Nationally
560: 64th State, 62nd Nationally
640: 90th state, 89th Nationally</p>

<p>Or something like that</p>

<p>(I'm one of only 2 people at my school to have taken the SAT yet)</p>

<p>CR 800: 80%
M 790: 90%
W 800: 81%
... our school sucks at math</p>

<p>CR 790: 98%
WR 770: 98%
M 650: 35% (fml)</p>

<p>Percyshelley, do you go to a math/science school?</p>

<p>I got a 580 math and my friends were astounded... me, not so much.</p>

<p>Wow, you guys must go to really good high schools.
CR - 740 - 99th Percentile
Math - 760 - 99th Percentile
Writing - 800 - 99th Percentile</p>

<p>lol my school is the **** :P
CR: 740: 52percentile
Math: 790: 90 percentile
Writing: 770: 69 percentile