What Job do you want later in life?

<p>I want to become an entrepreneur.... and then take over a huge portion of say the computer market, and form a monopoly. BOOYAH LOL </p>

<p>What do you want to do?</p>

<p>Athletic Trainer or Physical therapist... What can I say, I'm a girl who loves sports!</p>

<p>I want to be a teacher, professor, or librarian :)</p>


<p>I want to be for the 15K time, a foreign correspondent for BBC dealing with global economic, political, or social affairs. I want to make atleast 80K annually (120K is my goal.)</p>

<p>Employer of cookie_monster.</p>

<p>Oh, and math teacher.</p>

<p>poison.ivy, if you get the dream job at BBC you'll make much more than 120K!!</p>

<p>Intellectual Property Attorney. Budding field of law that encompasses anything from music rights to politics.</p>

<p>Diplomacy seems rather interesting, but I cannot find any quality literature on it for the life of me. </p>

<p>Also, I plan to become a film geek in college and have that carry through with me through the rest of my life. Therefore, I just may be able to experience both high and low culture and incorporate these experiences into some artsy fartsy films, if only for personal fufillment. I'm sure this life won't be idyllic, but it seems a lot more interesting than most other things.</p>

<p>President of USA</p>

<p>i'm gonna be GOD when i grow up...muahahah</p>

<p>Professional hitman/assassin.</p>

<p>Or...engineer would be fine too.</p>

<p>Cookie<em>Monster: Hello, can I take your order?
kinglin: Yes, I would like, a big mac, and large soda.
Cookie</em>Monster: Your total comes to $3.51. Please pull around.
//5min goes by. Gets order and finds out he messed up.//
kinglin: Cookie, what happened? I asked for a Big Mac and you gave me a mcchicken.
Cookie_Monster: Sorry sir.(Gives big mac, and says to keep the mcchicken since he messed up.)</p>

<p>^ i dont think so buddy</p>

<p>but anyway, have you seen the documentry "Supersize Me"....omg i'm never eating at mcdonnalds ever again!!</p>

<p>Secretary of Interior</p>

<p>President of the United States of America.
then i want to be a hard core human rights activist and use my world political reputation to help people.</p>

<p>a college counselor</p>

<p>its going to be me vs Iplayoboe for president</p>

<p>Mining Engineer in South Africa working for the world's largest gold mine, raking in hella bank while chillin on my beach house watching the african penguins waddle around.</p>

<p>If you've read A Tale of Two Cities, then you'll get what I mean. I want to be Sydney Carton. I want to be a kickass, ultra-perceptive lawyer, who just does behind the scenes work for some other, not quite as bright, but ambitious guy who does all the showmanship.</p>