What jobs can you get by being only CPA eligible. No masters or no CPA exams passed

For our masters in accounting, we have to pass 1 or 2 parts of the CPA exam to get our degree. I did all my requirements (ethics, international etc.) but could not do the CPA well last semester. Now I am retaking the CPA exam class that I must get a B in to pass.

I studied my ass off for the CPA exam but could not pass any part whatsoever. My scores on the CPA exams are all around 50ism. I don’t think I will be able to do it. If I don’t pass around 2 parts my may (depending on how well I do on other CPA class assignments) then I fail the class.

I am kind of depressed right now. I spend 2 years on this masters and don’t think that I can get the degree. Can you still get good jobs with just a bachelors in accounting and CPA eligibility?
Also, do you guys think that my professor could work something out with me?


Technically you can get employed by good firms as they only require you to be CPA eligible. However, those firms expect you to take and pass the CPA exam within a couple of years. Failing your masters degree, however, may keep you from being hired by firms that are looking to employ future CPAs. They will want to see your master degree transcript. Keep studying hard!


Thanks, I was just preparing for the worst.