What kind of clothes should I bring with me on move-in day?

<p>Binghamton is colder than where I live, so I want to make sure I'm bringing the right clothes! I was just going to bring jeans and t-shirts along with a dress or two and a few skirts. I'll probably bring a few cardigans and a blazer too. I'm probably going home once a month (plus we have that whole week off, so I can make wardrobe changes right away if I have to) so I didn't think I'd have to bring all my heavy clothes at once. </p>

<p>But I was wondering...when does it start getting cold up there? Should I bring heavier clothes with me on move-in day, or is the weather decent-ish till November?</p>

<p>You won't need winter coats or anything for awhile. Take a look at this. Binghamton</a> Weather - New York - Average Temperatures and Rainfall</p>

<p>Excellent idea Bootes. I like NOAA weather. You can get all the weather history for any area.</p>

<p>the biggest climate differences you'll probably notice are (1) more rain, and (2) greater temperature differences between daytime and nighttime (and therefore how long it can take to warm up during the day). </p>

<p>this just varies a lot by individual. there are people who are bundled up in october and others who never wear winter coats even in the dead of winter. clothes that can layer are always a good idea.</p>

<p>if you go home as often as you think, you should be able to adjust wardrobe over time. just don't plan on waiting until thanksgiving to bring up warmer clothes.</p>