What kind of computer?

<p>My major is pre-computer science in the college of engineering.</p>

<p>Can I get a macbook?
Or does it have to be a windows OS?</p>

<p>Can anyone find a link?</p>

<p>Macbooks rock! sorry...this post had nothing to do with your case...XD I'm just so excited!</p>

<p>^^I agree. I want to get a 15" pro. I currently have a Windows XP (Dell) computer that I'm sick of. It freezes about every 10 minutes. Stupid windows. =P</p>

<p>I just need a change! and my heart's set on the macbook but I want to make sure that's okay for UCSB/my major.</p>

<p>Yeah, my wonderful dad got me a macbook 13inch, its really all I need.</p>

<p>Niiice. So if I do get a mac, should I get anti-virus software or no? I know macs are pretty immune to viruses, but I still want to be a little on the safe side...</p>

<p>At the moment there are /no/ viruses for mac. I was asking the mac expert on it and he almost started laughing at me. XD so no, all you need is Microsoft office.</p>

<p>I have a 15" MBP unibody and it kicks ass.</p>

<p>Macbooks roooock!</p>

<p>Nice! I figure the extra dough I spend on my macbook would have just gone towards years of anti-virus software subscription on a Windows OS computer anyways-and I'd rather spend the money on a better computer!</p>

<p>Have you had any trouble with MS Office on your mac? I heard that there's some glitches...</p>

<p>No, I've never had an issue with office. I actually prefer Office on the mac. The mac is better in every way.</p>

<p>Thanks, hippo. That was one of my only hindrances.</p>

<p>But I still need to know where UCSB's Computer Science department stands on this issue...</p>

<p>anyone know? current students?</p>

<p>yea, i need to know the same thing too
but my friend also goes to ucsb
for computer science and he told me that he uses a macbook pro fine and theres nothing wrong with it, but he is changing majors later so he won't begin to take the upperdivision courses so i'm not so sure what will happen after your first two years..</p>

<p>Well at least I know I'm okay for the first two! thank you!!</p>

<p>Go with macbooks, they are sweet computers. I have a friend in computer engineering and he has a macbook pro, with Microsoft XP running in parallel. I have a mac, and I also have windows XP on it, but i never really use the MS portion.</p>

<p>Sounds good.
= )</p>

<p>I would personally avoid Macs. (although i know they are sweet machines)</p>

<p>But since you are a computer major i can tell you that a lot of the programs used in like engineering work easier with WINDOWS. Yes, they are compatible with Macs but a little harder to get to work.</p>

<p>For example, we've used PUTTY to turn in hw assignments. you cant do this with a MAC..
but OSX does have a built in terminal to do this....</p>

<p>its just a personal choice.. btw i am envious of MACBOOK PROS lol</p>

<p>CompSci and you aren't using Linux. ._. no comment.</p>