What kind of doctor should I see for my height?

<p>Plenty of teens still go to a pediatrician! Mine serves people until they are 22.</p>

<p>^ I still think that's strange. </p>

<p>I stopped going to a pediatrician when I was like 8. Pediatricians are specifically supposed to deal with kids. Not adults. My thing is- I'm living with a 21 year old right now who has a kid. Wouldn't it be weird- you and your kid going to the SAME pediatrician at the SAME time?</p>

I'm barely 5'2" and i'm a sixteen year old girl.


<p>Being taller seems to be more important for guys for some reason.</p>

<p>Idk, romani, it's pretty normal for kids to go to pediatricians when they're in their teens. I only stopped going to mine because our insurance changed.</p>

<p>OP, I would go to your usual MD first and see what s/he recommends. I just had x-rays done this weekend for scoliosis. While this isn't really a problem height-wise (I'm 5'7" and a girl), I didn't have to go to a specialist to be referred for x-rays. I don't know if it goes the same for growth plates(?).</p>

<p>When I was little, my National Geographic Kids magazine said that your height should be:</p>

<p>Mom's height + Dad's height, then + 5 if you are a guy or - 5 if you are a girl, and divide it all by 2.</p>

<p>I SHOULD be 5'6'' if that is true, but I'm 5'8.25''. I was the shortest person in my grade up until freshman year, and then I grew 7 inches in a year, and now I'm one of the tallest girls in my grade. I think I'm still growing, even as a junior.</p>

<p>I need to be taller....</p>

<p>height doesnt really matter for girls</p>

<p>^^ That's weird... lol. I'm taller than both my parents. Rawr.</p>

<p>I should be 5'8"/5'9" by that math. I'm 6.</p>

<p>For guys it's kind of a masculinity thing</p>

<p>^^^^By that math, I'm currently .5" taller. Which is a very small margin. O_O Awesome.</p>

<p>Go to an endocrinologist. I've been going to one since I was a baby because I have always been in the 1st percentile for height. They can do a bone scan in your hand and see if you qualify for any medications.</p>

<p>I was only supposed to be 4'10" but my insurance paid for human growth hormone for 2 years (a shot every day, it sucked but it was worth it in the end). Now I'm 5'1" and those extra 3 inches are all from the hormone shots. </p>

<p>I would go to the doctor and see if you qualify. Good Luck!</p>

<p>lol i remember when i was in 6th grade hearing about heightmax, now im bout to graduate. Maybe i shouldve have tried it, im 5'8</p>

<p>@ChiLLaXin, if your height thing is correct I should be 5' 4. Instead at fourteen years old I am a short 5' 1 (barely).
I'd really like to be tall, well, just taller. My mom is 5' 3 and my dad is 5' 10, which is normal/average for their generation of people of my ethnicity (though my dad an inch or two tall maybe).
However my brother is 6' 0, and my female cousins are between 5' 5~5' 9 (except one of them, who is my height but she never ate enough).
Being my height is pretty bad :(</p>

<p>@hanana..u're not the only one with height problems :)
Get this: I'm 16 nd my height is 5'1
THE WORST PART:is that i'm starting college this fall!</p>

<p>^ wow for real? did you just get into college early or are you a senior?</p>

<p>well, I guess you could say i got into college early</p>