What kind of doctor should I see for my height?

<p>I was just wondering if I can still grow a couple more inches, what kind of doctors should I see? I heard there is this test for the growth plate or sth like that, do you guys know?</p>



<p>i think madam pomfrey has some skele-gro that can help you. shes up in the hospital wing</p>

<p>If you want to know <em>if</em> you can grow, see a chiropractor. If you want someone to <em>make</em> you grow, see your choice of deity.</p>

<p>Would</a> You Break Your Own Legs to Become Taller?</p>

<p>Do chiropractors really perform the growth plate test?</p>

<p>can you say elevator shoes!</p>

<p>Seeing as how you're a swimmer, I believe you are interested in actually growing taller as opposed to appearing taller which can be done through things like better posture. </p>

<p>Just eat and sleep right.</p>

<p>Endocrinologist (I have no clue how to spell it though) i think</p>

<p>There really are doctors at specialist hospitals who study your bone stuff and calculate how much more your body can actually potentially grow. Check your local hospital if they have such specific medical department.</p>

<p>Talk to your pediatrician first. If there is some reason to think that there is a problem with your growth, he or she will refer you to a specialist.</p>

<p>^ Kind of off topic, but why the heck would a high schooler still have a pediatrician?</p>

<p>Many pediatricians continue to see kids up to age 18, or even 21. That's the norm for a lot of people.</p>

<p>^ Why? Shouldn't you go to a regular doctor once you hit puberty? They specialize in kids, not 18 and 21 year olds...</p>

<p>A radiologist can estimate your future height if he/she is given an X-ray of your femur. Though I don't you will be able to get an X-ray of your femur for such a tawdry reason as that...</p>

<p>An endocrinologist. They deal with your hormones that affect your height.</p>

<p>Get a bonescan.
They take forever though.</p>

<p>Oh man, don't even check. It can be a serious bummer. I got an xray of my growth plates and I'm either done or almost done. And I got that checked about a year ago, so by now, I'm probably done. I guess that's sleep deprivation and stress for you. Stuck at 5'5 as a guy :( sigh</p>

<p>^That's not too bad.</p>

<p>That's not bad at all.
I'm barely 5'2" and i'm a sixteen year old girl.</p>