What kind of mechanical engineering streams should I study as awoman

Hello I have a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering in design stream and after few month am going to move to Canada so I want an office work in mechanical engineering position so what should I study about specifically

Anybody help me by your Ideas any opinions

What does being a woman have to do with it? Pick the one that interests you the most.

Do you have permission to travel to Canada?
Do you have a work permit to work in Canada?
Why do you need more study if you already have a degree?
@DadTwoGirls knows more about Canada.

I agree, being a woman has nothing to do with the work.

I agree with the others. I’m a woman and have been an engineer for 34 years. My gender had nothing to do with my field of study or career choices.

Think this poster, posted before elsewhere. Does she mean working in an office setting being an engineer vs on the floor of a manufacturing plant?

I’m not entirely sure what you are asking either.

Where have you interned or coop? For engineering, it’s usually more your work experience than your courses, which are very prescribed, that will shape your career path.

My d worked this summer in a manufacturing setting and while she (happily) was out on the floor, most of the time she was in the office. One of her friends worked at a company designing HVAC systems and never left the corporate office. Lots of engineers also work in consulting, do R&D, and all kind of things.

You may want to reach out to the career center at the school and get their input.