What kind of person is an diverse applicant at CMU?

<p>CMU wants to seek out diversity in its applicants. So, What I'm trying to ask is, what makes a diverse applicant?
I applied to CMU Arch. via ED a couple weeks ago. Since I applied as an arch. applicant, i sent in a portfolio as well. in addition to that, I've also participated in the cmu precollege program for arch. this past summer. I've done several arch. related ECs such as construction labor and competitions, I had a admissions interview with CMU...I've literally done all that I could do. But, I'm a bit nervous. CMU recieves so many qualified applicants. And a especially high number of these qualified applicants are asians. </p>

<p>I know that being an asian applicant is nothing special unless you're a genius. I'm sure that CMU gets a good number of asian students who get above 2100 SAT, 4.0 GPA etc. I'm close to those numbers, but that doesn't make me a standout applicant at all. It makes me a middle applicant.</p>

<p>Being black, hispanic or native american is out of the question since I'm an asian.But I'm an asian born and raised on Guam. Does this count as being diverse? even though i'm asian? </p>

<p>Also, how do admissions committees judge each applicants for arch? Do they place emphasis on the portfolio? or SAT scores? or GPA?</p>

<p>I'd really like some feedback from the cc community. thank you.</p>

<p>Can't help you with the diversity question, but from our admissions experience in CFA, the most weight is given to (in order) portfolio, recommendations and EC's. Showing interest in the school also helps, so doing the interview, and the precollege definitely puts you ahead. You have done as much as you can-so don't stress.</p>

<p>Hey, if CMU thinks that this is the place for you, they'll admit you. Take a chill pil</p>

<p>kittymom: thanks for the info. I'll try to stop stressing..
tetrisfan: i'll take the chill pill...</p>

<p>I'm glad :D</p>

<p>But seriously, don't worry, I'm sure you'll end up someplace great for you (hopefully it'll be CMU!)</p>

<p>Don't worry you can't change what you can't change. They know you are from Guam, that may give you a little geography bump. Unless architecture schools have changed from when I attended, Asians weren't evident in nearly as high numbers as engineering or science. (I think there was one Asian in our class of 45.)</p>

<p>you sound like me.. I'm applying Arch but RD. but i am asian.. but not as smart as my counterparts....</p>

<p>I did apply for per-college but through diversity (the free one) but got wait-listed</p>

<p>Lori1122L: You applied through the diversity??did you get in? I heard the diversity was a tougher way to get in...</p>

<p>When showing various statistics, the SCS Family Weekend talk included a slide on "domestic minorities".</p>

<p>2100 is pretty average for CMU</p>

CMU wants to seek out diversity in its applicants. So, What I'm trying to ask is, what makes a diverse applicant?


I think CMU is interested in creating a diverse class as a whole, rather than admitting diverse individuals (of course some might be both). That is, you are better off to be a very unusual uni-dimentional applicant than a well-rounded one.</p>

<p>Best of luck to you!</p>

<p>Hm, I see. Thanks.</p>

<p>You know, the Guam thing might be to your advantage dude_guy. They really like to get geographic diversity. Any chance your address is still Guam? It would be much more interesting to them than if your current address was in PA.</p>

<p>Probably the competition for arch depends largely on how your portfolio looks relative to other applicants. There is much talk about the importance of portfolios in the architecture forum...check it out!</p>

<p>i still in live in Guam, been living here since ever since. so my address is in guam. yeah i hear you man, the portfolios are important hope mine is deemed competitive.</p>

<p>i don't mean to change the subject dude_guy.. but talking about diversity, does anyone think being hispanic and from nevada will make much of a difference in acceptance? I've never given location much thought on my own app</p>

<p>anyway, good luck dudeguy, i hope you get in</p>

<p>Yes and yes. URM and the chance for them to check off Nevada on the class map. Both good things for you! Good luck!</p>


Lori1122L: You applied through the diversity??did you get in? I heard the diversity was a tougher way to get in...


<p>ya.. if you applied math and science academy, the acceptance rate is like 100/900ish.. 30 soph and 70 junior.. then if you apply the other programs through diversity (AP/EA, gaming, arch, design) it was like a couple people (2-3?)who got in each program</p>

<p>oh, and i got waitlisted, i found out in like mid-may, and then got fully rejected during track state.. so like 2nd week of june?</p>

<p>Hmm, as long as we're evaluating diversity, how would an Asian applying under the humanities and social sciences branch look?</p>


<p>I suppose I'm paying for the sins of my forefathers, but it seems unusually difficult to be an all-American WASP male college applicant these days.</p>

<p>Lori1122: wow...i see. that's pretty tough! i wish i had applied through diversity but i didn't knew it existed until after i got accepted lol.</p>

<p>likeatuesday: idk CMU has a lot of asians as it is. no matter where you apply i would think there are a good number of asians applying.</p>