What kind of room-mate will be most likely to cook for you?

<p>I need a room-mate that won't mind cooking for me at least 3 times a day. I was thinking of what the best match would be...should I specifically ask for somebody who likes cooking on my college application? Or a fat girl because fat people like to eat and girls like to cook (my brother told me to post that last sentence....hes 9)</p>

<p>Uh, you're kidding, right? First of all no one in the dorm will cook for you regularly, that's why you have a meal plan and the school has a dining hall. Secondly, there's no place on a housing form for that. If you're going to a bigger school, they'll just throw you with someone.</p>

<p>"...should I specifically ask for somebody who likes cooking on my college application?"</p>

<p>Wow I didn't even know that was an option on the app. Must be some innovative applications.</p>

<p>How much'll you be paying them to be your personal chef?</p>

<p>Wow, are you serious. But I'd cook for my roommate for the right monetary compensation.</p>

<p>The best kind of roomate most likely to cook for you is a significant other. I hate cooking, don't have time for it...I've lived with my fiance for over 2 years now and he cooks for me nearly every night (we do go out for dinner when he is sick of cooking). Yes, I sometimes feel like I'm taking advantage of his hobby by never having to cook, but he knows I have a much busier schedule than he has (by a long shot).</p>

<p>Some say BROWN will provide female chef/roommates, skinny waif blondes types, like ALLY McBeal, and who won't eat the food they cook</p>

<p>I think Stanford does that as well, but don't quote me on this. It could be cleaning ladies.</p>

<p>I suggest your mom.</p>