What kind of students

<p>While i know that there is no "ideal" student,
each school has its own unique preferences and focus..
so what kind of students does GU tend to admit and value?
diplomatic? outgoing? ambitious?</p>

<p>I would love to know as well!</p>

<p>Well obviously this isn't indicative of every applicant, but I am an admitted EA student and the Christmas card I received from Georgetown cited my "leadership skills on and off the field" as a positive.</p>

<p>The quote, I assume, is referring to my captain position on my field hockey team and being president (previously VP) of student government. I also assume that my rec referenced my leadership in the classroom.</p>

<p>This is a tough question. As a current Freshman, I would say that after going through a semester at georgetown, there are people alllll over the map literally and figuratively. To answer your question though, Joe Hoya probably looks like a guy from New Jersey who is Catholic and has a million friends on facebook because of his successful student council presidential campaign. He would also wear a peacoat (the black trenchcoat looking thing) and have thick black hair. Most people are down to earth, but it is considered an elite school so you will find elitist people too. Jane Hoya wears leggings tucked into her ugg boots and likes to drink but will NOT commit to a guy whatsoever because she is looking to run for Senator someday, not to become a housewife. At first, you will find people who are just trying to get ahead but will eventually find out georgetown is too tough to make it on your own and succomb to being another Hoya. Everyone is smart, everyone will be successful (hopefully), and everyone will be nice to you if you are nice to them. I'm from Colorado and I was born to be a Hoya and I am using this to tell the world. It's a great place to learn.</p>