What "level" should I be aiming for?

<p>GPA: UW 2.95, W 3.59</p>

<p>SAT: CR 720, M 630, W 690 (essay: 9)</p>

<p>ECs: Envirothon (environmental academic team), photography, ceramics club, recycling club, chemistry club, school's morning news team</p>

<p>APs: Eng Language - 5, Environmental Science - 3, European History - 2 (took soph. year), US History (didn't take exam)
Senior APs: Physics B, Government, English Lit</p>

<p>Misc info:
- I have ADD. Never received assistance in school for it, and it definitely influenced my GPA; I also take little to no medication.
- Taken all honors and AP courses where available through almost all of my school career (two Advanced level classes total)
- Family is borderline poor and divorced parents.
- Current English teacher basically told me my essay was phenomenal
- Good recs; I did fairly well in the teachers classes (AP Eng and Physics) and the teachers liked me a lot, since I was always engaged even if I didn't always have my homework
- Live in a college city (University of Virginia)</p>

<p>Colleges I'm looking at now:
REACH - Bard, Lehigh, Wake Forest, Kenyon
TARGET - Wooster, U Vermont
SAFETY - VCU, Randolph Macon</p>

<p>Aiming too high?</p>

<p>I think it’s a realistic list.</p>