What Lsat prep fits me the best?

Hello, I know there is a lot of threads, not just on this platofrm but others asking the same question, but I found none of them helpful because the decision depends on the individual’s learning style. So, I’d like to tell you mine before advising me on the best option. I plan to start studying July, and taking my first Lsat test for admissions on October. So roughly 3 months of intense studying. I have good self-displine and a lot of free time within those 3 months, so neither time nor self-control is an issue. I was going to do an online prep class, but I realized I study better alone. I am not too good with listening and taking in the information by word and understanding it on the spot. But if and I will I have questions I am hoping to rely on some office hour help or something similar, nothing like a tutor though. I no longer am planning on Princeton review, I hear too much negativity about it, and I don’t like Testmaster’s teaching style, the teacher talks too quickly for me to process. I am choosing between Blueprint and Powerscore’s online prep (not class or live), but Powerscore’s lessons are just recorded online classes, which I tried one on Youtube and I was not a fan of the style. Overall, I gave Blueprint’s free trial a chance and they have good lesson videos, but it’s a total of 35 hours, which isn’t that too little to go over rules and strategies? I actually liked Magoosh teaching style except their videos wasn’t always detailed, it didn’t work for me all the time, but I liked the breakdown in strategies. Anyway, I want a teaching style that goes over all the rules /methods and different question types in detail. I’m willing to spend some money on my education but I want it to be worth it. Also, I am thinking of getting the powerscore bibles because I heard they are good, and then take the Blueprint online course, but if there are any other suggestions? Please!? Thank you

Also, I did take a diagnostic once or twice, the first time I got a 152 and strangely, the second time, a 148. So, I need to work on it big time if my goal is in the mid 160s.