What major/ career would be good for me?

Hi my name is Shelby and lately I’ve been trying to figure out what major I would like to choose once I get to college. I know what I want to do is (probably) STEM based but I have some concerns there. I have been part of engineering programs in my county since grade school, but now with more research and actual experience, I’m starting to realize I absolutely hate physics. I just can’t grasp it well enough to envision myself pursuing a career that heavily includes it, like electrical engineering (from what I’ve heard), which is what I had wanted to do for many years. I really do enjoy problem solving and I like calculus/ algebra a lot, and I also enjoy computer programming from the small amount that I have done, but I want to find a career/major that would be interesting to me. I hope someone is able to help at least point me in the correct direction, any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

If you like math, the first thought that comes to mind is Computer Science. Most focuses on the software, rather than the hardware, so, while you’ll need a physics background, it isn’t that extensive or deep.

Other fields could be in pure math or in applied math (like statistics or data science).

Do any of these sound appealing?

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What country are you coming from?

Are you targeting US colleges for any reason?

I live in the U.S. and yes I am targeting U.S. colleges

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Yes I’ve been looking into computer science and data science, but I don’t know how to gauge if I’ll really like it or not.

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Look into becoming an actuary. My husband started out as engineering major and after weed out courses, looked into becoming an actuary and has never looked back. He has an amazing career/great pay/work-life balance. He was a math major but some schools offer majors in Actuarial Science.

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