What major is wesleyan known for??

<p>What major is wesleyan known for??\
and what percentage is the ED acceptance rate??</p>

<p>English, Econ, Film, Life Sciences (Bio, Molecular-Bio-Bio-Chem, Neuroscience), Astronomy, American Studies, Letters, Social Studies, Government, Music, Theater, Dance. Just about the only department I wouldn't place on the same level as some much bigger uniiversities would be computer science.</p>

<p>Wesleyan traditionally has not placed emphasis on a few departments over others... it purposefully emphasizes excellence "across the board"... but like johnwesley said, quite a few departments are heavy hitters. The Film Studies major has the Wesleyan Mafia, which is a disproportionately large amount of Wes alums being major and famous figures in the film industry. Wes has one of the best science programs out of any liberal arts college, and Economics, English, and Government are top notch as well. The COL and CSS interdisciplinary majors are also strong.</p>

<p>Combining ED I and ED II, the acceptance rate is about 40% (about 350 accepted out of close to 900). see <a href="http://www.wesleyan.edu/admission/forms/Profile2014.pdf%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.wesleyan.edu/admission/forms/Profile2014.pdf&lt;/a> ... as you can see from page 2, 46% of the incoming class of 2014 was selected from ED, so Wes loves its ED applicants.</p>