what major should i go into?

<p>I want to be a caradiovascualr surgeon, and i havent made the decision of what major im going to go into. </p>

<p>I was told biology, biomedical, biochem, and physiology. but i dont know exactly what i should go into.</p>

<p>I think it depends on what you really like.
Biology and chemistry - you will have to be really good at them anyway in medical school.
My sister is also looking into Cardio. She's going to Harvard next year (she defers her admission).</p>

<p>She took biochemistry. Biochemistry is harder, and can be more beneficial from what I heard.</p>

<p>Biomedical engineering is not what you want to go with.
Physiology? Not that either.</p>

<p>With biochem, you can still switch between biochem and biology h in your first two years.
Most people prefer biochem if they want to go on to medical study.</p>

<p>It helps you on MCAT exam. You need sufficient knowledge of chemistry, biology, physics, reading, writing.</p>