What Major Then?

<p>I am really confused on what one should major to get into law school now after all the debates.I wanted to major in poli sci or philosphy , so then what major in now, bio and chem. I don't see the logic.</p>

<p>Your major doesn't matter for law school admisisons; save, perhaps, if you major in pre-law or something like that.</p>

<p>if you have been following the debates on other threads here, the best advise i have is for you to ignore them when it comes to selecting your major. there is no "right" major for law school. there will be people in law school with all different majors. major in whatever interests you without worrying about how it will affect law school.</p>

<p>and i'm not sure what the prior poster is referring to by mentioned pre-law -- personally, i think it not only wouldnt be of any help in admissions, but i think a pre-law program in college is just likely to make you think you know what law school will be like when i doubt it will.</p>

<p>don't expect people here on this forum to be able to tell you what you should major in.</p>