What major to apply to...?!?!?

<p>I'm mostly between International Relations and something science-related (either biophysics or neurology), but my concern is what to put on my applications as major preferences. I'm not sure if the idea matters, and if it does, which should I put where. And is it bad to simply put undecided? Because I've heard some colleges like undecided majors, but others dislike it...</p>

<p>It's okay to put undecided; colleges know that teens can be very indecisive and/or fickle so they don't expect you to know exactly what major you want. If were you, I might put Intl. Relations as the intended major b/c there are too many people who are interested in science-related majors, which makes it harder to get in. Also, it's fairly easy to change majors since Intl. relations and science are probably all in college of arts & sciences. Another thing to consider are your strengths; for example, if you have many science awards, it may be better to apply as a science-related major but if you're the model un captain, then you may want to apply as an intl. relations major.</p>

<p>Haha, ironically, I AM Model UN president. But I've heard that applying with a diverse background to science majors is something a lot of schools prefer? Or is that just in respects to med school and such?</p>

<p>I think schools prefer diverse backgrounds for ANY major, not just science-related. Anyways if you feel that your ECs, course, SAT IIs, etc qualify you as more of a science person, I would apply for a science-related major. Otherwise, I would got with Intl. relations.</p>