What major to choose at UNC

I’m an incoming transfer student at UNC. I was denied from the business school, but accepted to the College of Arts & Sciences. What major(s) at UNC would be the best for getting a job in business after college. I was thinking economics or statistics and analytics major. Would those majors allow me to go into a business related career? Any other major suggestions?

Any major that interests you but those can be considered related and are fine. But if your interest were geography or sociology, while in your mind the path isn’t clear, they can work as well. Follow your interests. You may also look at the minor at KF.

People from all disciplines work in business.

Good luck.

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You’d be fine with either of those majors. Kenan Flagler definitely provides many opportunities but it’s not the “be all/end all” to getting a job in business. My daughter graduated from KF with the business administration degree but had no issues being recruited for corporate finance. Two of her friends who graduated with the Econ degree, have the same finance job as she does. Just having a UNC degree carries a lot of weight.

I would join the business-related clubs and look into the business fraternity.

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First, congrats on getting into UNC. That by itself is an achievement. Enjoy Chapel Hill. It has a lot to offer.
Now, it is very common to not get into the business school on your first try. What I have been told is that many students get in as a senior. I assume you are coming in as a junior then?
The safest route is to take as many classes you can that are aligned with your goals and overlap with the business school. Speak to an advisor ASAP. Summer is a good time to do this before fall classes begin.
Economics, statistics, CS are all popular choices and majors. They will open many of the same doors. The big difference is that you will not have that yourname@kf.edu email just yet and won’t get access to on campus b-school recruiting resources. But these are minor issues.


Thank you for the info!

Thank you, this really helps!

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