What major would you rather be?

<p>This is just like the would you rather attend thread. Basically pick from the two majors in the post above yours and then pick two new ones for the next poster. Ill start!</p>

<p>Computer Science or Electrical engineering</p>

<p>Computer science</p>

<p>Anthropology or political science</p>

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<p>Political Science</p>

<p>Environmental Engineering or Biochemistry?</p>


<p>Petroleum engineering or chemical engineering?</p>


<p>Pharmacist degree or an LLB?</p>

<p>Pharmacist Degree</p>

<p>Accounting or Economics</p>

<p>Accounting :)</p>

<p>Physics or Business</p>


<p>International Affairs or English</p>

<p>English </p>

<p>History or Theater?</p>


<p>Psychology or math?</p>

<p>math. Wizardry or dark arts?</p>


<p>Psychology or Education</p>

<p>Psychology </p>

<p>Political Science or Economics?</p>

<p>Political Science</p>

<p>Music or History?</p>

Material engineering or Mechanical engineering?</p>

<p>neuroscience American History</p>

<p>hmm....hard Mechanical</p>

<p>Aerospace engineering or Political Science</p>

<p>political science
art history or economics?</p>

<p>Art History</p>

<p>Biology or Chemistry?</p>


<p>Classical Studies or Economics?</p>