What majors

<p>is Cornell most famous for? I know most graduates come out successful in whatever they choose to pursue, but which major has the highest success rate?
Which major(s) is the most popular at Cornell?</p>

<p>well success rate is an entirely vague metric.
and it's really hard to say with so many different colleges.
if you search you might find old posts where people opine about what the strongest majors at Cornell are.</p>

<p>Ok, thank you. Sorry about that.</p>

<p>popularity of major would come down to # of applicants for that specified major...</p>

<p>i'm not sure if and where that data can be found :)</p>

<p>aem is the most obvious answer</p>

<p>@undecided11: I can't tell if you're being serious, but that's a terrible way to be thinking about the majors you want to pursue. Your success will not be determined by the historical record of students in a particular major, it will be determined by your own interest in and acumen for a particular subject. I'm sure that in your high school life (or elsewhere), you've found your interest piqued by certain things. Talk to an advisor (or even any well informed adult) and see how those interests fit into areas of study that fascinate you. At the very least, you should be seeking out disciplines that you'll be able to put up with for four years. It's not always the case that 'lucrative' majors are enjoyable (or even tolerable) for everyone.</p>