What majors

<p>is Hopkins most famous for? I know most graduates come out successful in whatever they choose to pursue, but which major has the highest success rate?
Which major(s) is the most popular at JHU?</p>

<p>Hopkins is more diverse academically than many people think. In addition to Biomedical Engineering and Biology, among the most popular and famous areas of study are International Studies and The Writing Seminars. Hopkins is rated in the top two (with Georgetown) in International Studies and in the top two (with Iowa) in writing.</p>

<p>Public Health is also extremely popular and one of the tops, if the top in the world. A lot of the humanities departments are also extremely well-known, particularly Art History.</p>

<p>Bonanza just hit on a pet peeve of mine. Indeed in the last USNWR ranking of creative writing programs Iowa was #1 and JHU #2. But that list is from 1997! And furthermore USNWR has decided it will no longer rank writing programs. The most recent ranking of any sort was in 2007 by the Atlantic Monthly The</a> Best of the Best - Magazine - The Atlantic
There Hopkins is in the top 10 programs and the top five "most selective". As an example, this year for the MFA program in fiction JHU had 225 applications for 5 spots. (makes you wonder what a chances thread for that would look like.) Keep in mind also that these rankings are based on graduate programs, not undergraduate majors.</p>