What majors

<p>is U of C most famous for? I know most graduates come out successful in whatever they choose to pursue, but which major has the highest success rate?
Which major(s) is the most popular at U of C?</p>

<p>Economics is by far the most popular most recognized major at u of c. They had 7 noble laureates at one point in their department teaching at once.</p>

<p>they are also ranked for 1 for econ tied with princeton, harvard, and i think MIT.</p>

<p>They are ranked 6th in the nation for math. thats what i want to go there for.</p>

<p>and they made sociology, literally.</p>

<p>Wow sounds great, thanks. Do you know if a double major in international relations and econ is somewhat popular there?</p>

<p>from the students' that i talked to while i was there, a double major in anything is uncommon. If you are familiar with the school, you should know that you have to take a comprehensive list of core requisites regardless of your major.(commonly referred to as the "Common Core" ) but you could still double major in what you want since the school operates in quarters instead of semesters so you can take more classes in a given year. </p>

<p>I don't know if it's a common double major, but you should go look up the requisites for the econ major at u of c and see how many credit hours are required for the major and see if you can pack in the other major plus the common core.</p>

<p>undecided11, if you want to double major in anything, go for it. The nice thing about Chicago is that since you have elective requirements anyway it never hurts to try out new potential majors. i haven't looked into econ and int'l studies but i'm personally looking to double in econ and math and have looked into how it would pan out in some detail. check the course catalog (Courses</a> & Programs of Study) for more info.</p>

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