What makes people transfer?

<p>I'm in the 2nd semester of my sophomore year at Tulane considering transferring elsewhere. I was wondering what you all think constitute as reasons to transfer, thanks!</p>

<p>It does not really matter what others think -- it is what you think. Likely common reasons:</p>

<li>At a two year community college and want to transfer to a four year school to complete a bachelor's degree.</li>
<li>Current school is not a good academic fit (e.g. decided on or changed to a major which is not offered or not very good at the current school, or originally chose the current school without carefully considering whether it was good in the intended or possible majors).</li>
<li>Current school is too expensive (perhaps due to changing family financial situation).</li>
<li>Current school is not a good cultural fit.</li>

<p>Another common reason to transfer is for an upgrade. You were not accepted to an Ivy or equivalent from HS, etc, but can transfer in.</p>

<p>Aside from CC transfers, this is the most common transfer I see.</p>

<p>what about issues having to do with difficulty with friends? like not feeling like ive found a place to fit in</p>

<p>You want to go to a 4yr from a CC</p>

<p>You realize your major and your school doesn't have it</p>

<p>you want to go to a co-ed or same sex school</p>

<p>You want to go to a public or private school
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<p>You might want to take this question to the Transfer Forum. The folks there are more expert on this issue. Start by reading through the thread at the top of that forum titled "Transfer Admissions 101".</p>