What makes UCSD a good school for sciences

<p>I have heard many positive things about the sciences at UCSD, but what exactly makes science departments at UCSD stand out compared to other schools. Also if this helps, I'm particularly interested in neuroscience.</p>

<p>we get a lot of money, we do a lot of work, and we have a lot of famous people (most of whom are just happy to come and retire in the san diego sun)</p>

<p>check out the neuro website; they're happy to brag.</p>

<p>yeah that and theres tons of labs everywhere doing science stuff... and theres lots of classes and profs</p>

<p>is their biochemistry program one of the top ones too?</p>

<p>basically what everyone else said....it really isn't that hard to find a lab to work in as an undergraduate at all, especially in neurosciences, there is soooooooooo much research going on.....</p>

<p>Well the field of bioengineering actually started at UCSD so...</p>

<p>biochemistry? through which department?</p>

<p>(two departments offer the biochemistry undergraduate major and i think one is better, but thats just me)</p>

<p>UCSD is KNOWN for their neuroscience, also check out the CARTA program an interdiscplinary program researching the origins of human and human development, in scientifically and culturally. Great interdisciplinary science stuff, and relevant current research.</p>