What makes you feel beautiful?

<p>I feel beautiful when I'm smiled at, and when I'm doing something I love.

<p>when somebody smacks my booty.</p>

<p>^Weren't you the one who wanted a larger bootay?</p>

<p>i feel beautiful when i'm chilling at home with no makeup on having the time of my life with someone who doesn't care.</p>

<p>I feel beautiful when I am in sports training and competition</p>



<p>haha yess.</p>

<p>All hail Nicki Minaj.</p>

<p>If someone asks what kind of make up I'm wearing and I tell them I don't wear make up and they say it looks like I do.</p>

<p>^ awww :) what a great compliment</p>

<p>I feel beautiful when I look in the mirror :)</p>

<p>When creepy, middle-aged men try hitting on me.</p>

<p>I feel beautiful when no one's at home and I can walk around naked and not care. Just like Adam in the Garden of Eden. (anyone wanna be my Eve?)</p>

<p>I think I'm not beautiful.</p>

<p>I feel beautiful when I get a 100 on a Multivariable Calculus test <em>snort</em></p>

<p>When I am wearing cute clothes and my hair is straightened.</p>

<p>what makes me feel beautiful.</p>


<p>i never really feel beautiful. i feel GOOD when i'm training for a competition or something and there are guys (who are also training) who i know look just as disgusting as i do what with all the sweat and stuff, and they don't care. :)</p>

<p>wearing dresses! </p>

<p>also, costumes and stage makeup, and just performing in general. even when I'm playing a senile 90 yr old woman.</p>

<p>When my fiance looks at me and goes "Damn, how did I get so lucky?" It makes me :) especially since I don't wear makeup or dresses or any of that crap.</p>

<p>At first being a gringa down in Costa Rica and getting lots of attention made me feel sexy. Now it just makes me annoyed.</p>