"What makes you tick" essay

<p>"For some, it's politics or sports or reading. For others, it may be researching solar power fuel cells or arranging hip-hop mash-ups. What makes you tick? (200-250 words)"</p>

<p>What does this even mean? What are you passionate about?</p>

<p>I always thought when someone "ticked you off" it meant you were annoyed by something.
i.e. "I get ticked off when people cut me off when I'm driving."</p>

<p>Basically yeah, something which you find interesting and are passionate about. I think they meant tick by "what keeps you up in your spare time" or whatever.</p>

<p>i see. thanks! how misleading.</p>

<p>Gears drive an old fashioned clock, making it tick. What drives you, and keeps you going? So yes, what are you passionate about? What motivates you, what drives you as a person?</p>