What math is required for UC/California privates?

<p>I'm currently enrolling at Ohlone community college and I'm wondering what math is required for people who want to transfer as business majors to those schools.
I went to the orientation today and they say at least 1 semester of calculus is required for transfers into them regardless of major. Is this true? I read on USC's website that only Math 118(Intro to Calc analysis/Business Calc, or something like that)was required to get into Marshall.
Can anyone confirm this?</p>

<p>for business majors yes Calculus I is required for USC and all the UC's.... for UCLA and UC Berkeley I know they require up to Calculus II</p>

<p>some of the UCs outside of UCLA/UCB require multivariable calc , diff eq and linear algebra too.</p>

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<p>Ask your questions about UCs on the UC Transfer subforum.</p>

<p>I got into UC Berkeley with statistics </p>

<p>you def don't need calc</p>