What MCAT Prep books are helpful for student getting into Med School?

What MCAT Prep books are helpful for student getting into Med School?

There are several different companies that offer MCAT prep books. Different series have different strengths. Some MCAT series: Kaplan, ExamKrackers. Princeton Review, Mometrix, AAMC, Berkeley Review, Gold Standard, Barrons.

All have their pluses and minuses. Some include online access to question databases and/or practice exams (sub-section and full length).

There are also several brands flashcard study decks that utilize different styles. Your choice of flashcard will depend on if you prefer a basic style or cloze deletion.

BluePrint (NextStep) offers a free 1600 basic-style card deck.

The student will also need access to full length practice exams. Kaplan, Princeton Review, Gold Star and other prep companies offer their own version of both full length exams and subsection practice exams–some as part of the purchase of their study series, other for a separate fee.
Blueprint Review has a couple of free practice exams

AMCAS offers MCAT prep materials. There is one free practice exam, plus students can buy access to 4 retired exams. (Scoring included in price)
AMCAS offer study materials including a question database and series of Kham Academy review videos

Students should buy AMCAS exam if at all possible as they provide the best feel for the actual exam. Students should at 2 least 2 AMCAS practice exam under conditions that closely mimic real exam conditions as possible in the 3 weeks preceding their actual test date to gauge their progress.

It all depends on what depth of review a student needs, their study style preferences and how much $$ they have to spend on study aids.