What more should I do for my shot at Wharton?!

<p>Hi! I appreciate you for taking the time to give me some advice =). This is essentially a chance thread, but I would be happier to hear about ideas for me to stand out more. (and if you want me to comment on urs, link me ^^)</p>

<p>I live in Canada with a Chinese background, and I also need full FA (horrible start already..). I'm aiming for Wharton (ED), but I'm also looking at Columbia, Princeton, Yale, NYU, Cornell, University of California, University of Chicago.</p>

<p>Intended studies: business</p>

<p>SAT I: (will take in October) Only 1 chance! D<</p>

<p>SAT II:
Math II : 750 (should have been better...I heard only 800 is acceptable for wharton o_O)
Biology E/M : 760</p>

Hard courses, will be taking all available AP courses next year (which is only 2)</p>

<p>Last semester GPA: 94% (top 5% for sure, estimate top 10)</p>

<p>Awards: (i don't think any of these are worth mentioning..why not just regard me as an awardless girl x.x)
Honour rolls
French award
Music theory award
DECA top 20 (provincial only T_T)</p>

Co- president of School Ambassadors
President and founder of astronomy club
Secretary of Music Council
Co-pres on business council
Public relations officer for school magazine
School soccer team
Member of some other clubs (unimportant)</p>

<p>Community Involvement
- Member of board director of a youth group (non-profit, but unregistered) (doing all sorts of things)
- Leader of high-school team/(also part of organizing its annual event) in a government funded youth org.
-A member of the youth advisory group of Toronto's biggest annual event.
- One of the editors of a youth magazine published by the public libraries (choosing the works to be published)
- The school board's youth orchestra</p>

<p>No work experience
One summer is spent on reading books and another is spent visiting family in China..
This summer has been spent on starting my own business without registering it. (it's not illegal btw XD)</p>

<p>Thank you for reading! Please comment =).</p>

<p>Fatum!! Come join other Canadians (including me) at the Canada sub-forum!
Lots of discussion, sharing, and having fun :)
I'm sure many of us will be glad to offer advice as well!</p>

<p>Canada</a> - College Confidential</p>

<p>I think we have a lot in common :)
I am interested in business school as well, will apply to similar schools, & I love music.
Asian too ^.^V</p>

<p>I think starting your own business (lol at your commentary) is a great way to show your interest!
Wharton would be amazinggg -- best of luck for both of us as deadlines approach :)</p>

<p>But please join us at the Canada CC party ^.^ everyone would love to meet you!</p>

<p>I'd say that you just really need to nail the SAT. I'm not sure if this rings true for Wharton, but I've heard that at MIT really anything 750+ on your subject tests is the same as an 800. Also, I'd just like to say that StarsAligned's comment really makes me want to be Canadian!</p>

I'm facing some problems with my "business"...I wouldn't say it's a success yet..=.=|| Just wondering..should I put that as my "summer activities"? Even if I don't succeed (at least not a mentionable success)?
some moreee comments plz XD</p>

<p>Just be honest in whatever you write about it. Don't exaggerate.</p>

<p>Following up on the mythical SATII Math II preference, I don't think Wharton only seeks perfection, rather positive correlation with the rest of your application.</p>

<p>Thank you! Another quick question...How's Wharton (UPenn)'s financial aid? if I apply ED I'll have to have enough FA to attend..><</p>

<p>I have the same question! My EFC determined by the institutional methodology was about $28,000. When I plugged my numbers into Stanford's Financial Aid Calculator, they said that my EFC is about $23,000. What do you all suppose that UPenn would say that my EFC is?</p>